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Madison WI Company

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Serving Wisconsin with Excellence Since 2016

Welcome to Metal Roofing Wisconsin, your trusted metal roofing partner since 2016, specializing in both residential roofing and commercial roofing.


Whether you are based in Madison, WI, or the surrounding areas, we're here to provide superior roofing solutions for your property.

Our dedicated team has amassed significant industry experience, adept at tackling roof projects of varying scales.

We pledge to use only premium-grade materials, assuring the quality of your new roof or replacement project.

Furthermore, our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence stands at the forefront of our company values. Contact us today for your no-obligation, free estimate.


Your Best Local Roofing Service


Why entrust your roofing needs to us? We promise longevity with our metal roofing installations, offering a lifespan of up to 70 years, a marked contrast to the average 20 years of traditional asphalt shingles.

Metal roofing in Madison, WI, is our specialty, and we know how to install metal roofs with it to withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour.

Moreover, roofs installed by our qualified professionals won't crack or corrode. To maintain your roof's excellent condition for years to come, we exclusively use high-quality roofing materials, which always come with a quality guarantee. Contact us now to schedule a roof inspection and get your free quote.

The Expert Team


Our team of licensed, bonded, and insured experts cater to a plethora of roofing projects, from minor repairs to extensive replacements across Madison and other parts of Wisconsin. We also have extensive experience with custom projects, regardless of size.

We specialize in a variety of metal roofing systems, including Galvalume roofing, Galvanized steel roof, Tin top steel roofing, Copper roofing, Unified stone-coated steel, and Standing seam and R-panel systems. Contact us today at (262) 300-5551 to book your free roof inspection.

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Residential Roofing Systems: A Blend of Efficiency and Minimal Disruption

Our efficient team ensures quick, disruption-free installations, whether it's for a roof repair or to install a completely new roof. Furthermore, we recommend metal roofs for their low maintenance feature, making them an ideal solution for commercial projects.

How Much Does Metal Roof Cost?

While the initial cost is higher, its longevity and energy efficiency can lead to significant money savings in the long run.

Indeed, metal roofing systems can last a lifetime with a 40-year finish warranty, making it a worthy investment for both residential and commercial property owners in Madison, WI.

What are the
benefits of Metal?

Choosing a metal roof comes with various benefits, making it an attractive option for Wisconsin homeowners. Metal is a durable roofing material that can withstand high winds, reduces cooling costs, and requires less maintenance.

A metal roof also comes with a Class A fire rating, the highest available, and can significantly increase the resale value of your home.

"The service we received from Metal Roofing Wisconsin was beyond exceptional. Jason Stendhal and his team arrived on time and completed the job in one day as promised including a very thorough cleanup."

Jess L.

At Metal Roofing Wisconsin, we prioritize our customers' needs. If you're a homeowner in Madison not looking for a mere repair job but a complete replacement, we're ready to take on the assignment. Our mission is to install the last roof you'll ever need to replace, customized to your specific requirements.

Roofing Specialties:
Beyond Ordinary

Our metal roofing company does not limit its expertise to standard roofing jobs. We specialize in crafting tailored roofing systems for both residential and commercial customers.

Our comprehensive roof inspection services aid our metal roofing company in identifying the optimal solution for your property, whether in Madison, WI or the broader Wisconsin area.


Our Metal Roofing Company Guarantee


Reach out to us for your free quote, and let's get your roofing project started.

Metal Roofing Choices:
The Perfect Fit for Your Home

Choosing roofing for your home is an investment in longevity, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. There are various roofing choices available, from the traditional appeal of steel roofing to the natural elegance of copper. Each offers a unique exterior aesthetic, but all provide the durability and strength inherent in metal roofs.

A Wise Long-term Investment

While the upfront cost of a metal roof is higher, you'll reap significant savings in the long run. Metal is durable, highly reliable, and requires little to no maintenance, making it an excellent roofing material.


Weather Resistance: Hail, Fire, and Wind

One of the reasons most homeowners in Wisconsin choose metal roofs is its outstanding weather resistance.

A properly installed metal roof can withstand hail, fire, and high winds, providing peace of mind and reducing potential repair costs in the long run.


Quality Craftsmanship:
Our Company's Promise

Quality lies at the heart of our company's mission. We only use the best materials available and our installation team is committed to providing top-tier workmanship.

As one of the leading Wisconsin roofing contractors, we prioritize our valued customers and work diligently to exceed expectations.

Home Improvements:
More Than Just Roofs

Our company's offerings extend beyond roofing. We also provide services related to windows, gutters siding, and other exterior home improvements. We're here to enhance your home's functionality and aesthetics, contributing to its overall value.


Contact Us Today: Free Quote Awaits

Embark on your roofing project with confidence. At Metal Roofing Wisconsin, we're not just providing a service, we're creating a long-lasting relationship with our customers, guided by quality, excellence, and trust.

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